All my work is Raku fired using resist slips. After the bisque firing the resist slip is painted onto the form and when dry, a crackle glaze is then brushed onto a selected area. It is then fired in the Raku kiln and taken out using tongs before being plunged into a metal bin containing sawdust and strips of paper. More paper is thrown over the piece and the lid is placed on the bin. Once the piece has cooled it can then be cleaned. The glaze falls away leaving the black ‘cracked and spotted’ marks created by the smoke penetrating through the glaze. Raku firing is very quick, usually reaching temperature in around 40 minutes. Because of the extreme variations in temperature, there is a very high breakage rate. I find Raku an exciting way of firing, and I feel that it makes each piece quite individual, as the ‘cracks’ have a life of their own.

Please note that Raku fired ceramics are not watertight.

Commissions are taken, prices on available pieces shown, please email for further details.