Personal Statement

I established my first studio in London during 2001, after studying ceramics at North Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent, where I gained a BA (Hons) Ceramics in 1995. Over the years, I have exhibited at many ceramics fairs and galleries around the UK. In 2014 I was accepted as a Selected Member of the Craft Potters Association, and the same year, I began teaching part-time at The Ceramic Studio in Kent.

My love for raku firing began during my time in Stoke, and am excited by speed and unpredictable nature of the process. The surfaces I produce are very tactile, smooth and soft because of the low firing, and find the crazing lines formed through raku firing often adding to the form. This is very important to me as I strive to create work that flows and curves – leading the viewer around and through the piece which, being hand-coiled, often evolve during the building process, almost like I’m drawing with clay.